Sunday, May 12, 2019

Assesing organizational readiness for change Essay

Assesing organizational readiness for change - Essay ExampleThe first step is to sequestrate at least one designated change agent responsible for overseeing the change move. It is very important for the attractor of change to seek the active support of the workforce population (Edosomwan, 2009, p.13). In a meeting with of age(p) managers and important middle managers, this change agent should be elected to take on the responsibility of communication the importance of the relocation effort with employees and coordinate the necessary human resources activities necessary to keep motivation high school and commitment top-notch. People are often resistant to change, especially in a situation where Med-Qpment would be uprooting most of its staff and forcing them, and their families, to move into a different part of the state. Issues of job security will be considered, along with their basic physiological concerns, much(prenominal) as the prices of selling their homes or purchasing innovative homes to meet the change goal.After electing the change agent, they should be exposed to the realistic budget for this change effort and produce a qualitative questionnaire for distribution to the employees that can address individual concerns about the change. This questionnaire should highlight issues such as telecommuting possibilities (to avoid relocation) as well as any counseling services that capacity be required on behalf of human resources. Two experts in this kind of change offers that failed relocations can cost approximately $115,000 for each employee (Lachnit & Solomon), something Med-Qpment cannot afford currently. As the practicing change agent, these questionnaires can be distributed in a assort meeting format where discussion about the probable relocation can occur face-to-face. In generation of change, interpersonal interaction with peers and superiors is highly valued, making such relationships a salient feature in regulate readiness (Bouckenooghe, Devos &

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